Tips to free up your mobile phone space yourself

Tips to free up your mobile phone space yourself Leave a comment

Applications consume a lot of storage space in our phones by a large percentage, so that we may have to delete more files in the phone to download some applications for use at work, which makes it difficult to get rid of files, especially if you need them, but many users prefer Always have to maintain the speed of their mobile device. Therefore, in this report, we offer you some tips for cleaning your mobile device internally by yourself:

Tips for cleaning your mobile device from the inside yourself:

  • Clear the cache to get rid of unwanted data.
  • Delete texts, call history, and voicemail messages. You will be surprised to know how much storage space these things take up on your phone.
  • Delete or disable bloatware, those pre-loaded apps on your phone that you don’t use. Like the stock market app or the Garage Band on iOS.
  • Delete apps you don’t use. Do you need seven photo editing apps? Mostly not.
  • Update only the apps you use.
  • Delete podcasts and upload them to the cloud. It takes up a lot of space, and you don’t need to save it on your phone.
  • Save your photos to the cloud or a service like Google Photos or Amazon Prime. You can then delete it from your phone to save a lot of space. Make sure to save it before deleting.
  • Disable location services in settings, and enable locations only when the app requires them, such as navigation.
  • After you have done everything above, restart your phone to clear the memory. It will work very well.
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