6 ways to repair damaged headphone wires yourself

6 ways to repair damaged headphone wires yourself Leave a comment

Usually people are in a hurry, they take the headset out of their cell phones and laptops, and there are others who detach their headphones from the devices by pulling the wire instead of pulling it from the plastic base, and in both cases the result is the same, which is that the headset will be damaged or cut off part of it. Therefore, we will help you decide how to fix the damaged wires on your headphones on your own.

How to repair damaged wires:

  1. Use a knife or cutter to cut the protective plastic base around the headphone jack as well as the wire near it.
  2. Locate the clip with wire and cut it off.
  3. Remove the plastic wire around one end of the headphone cord .
  4. Use a match or a lighter to briefly burn the insulation of the wire.
  5. Connect the wires to the headphone jack.
  6. Cover the piece you have shown.

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